Monday 29 May 2017

Angelica Urbas - 7 Fashion Tips To Look and Feel Your Best At All Times

Being trendy and fashionable is what many of us choose in order to look our best. Everyday, new fashion trends are being set, and they are replacing older ones. What is in fashion today, can be considered out of fashion tomorrow. But for most of us, it is not possible to constantly make additions to our wardrobes with each passing trend. But that does not mean that we cannot be at our stylish best, and still turn heads with our style. There are some simple ways to always be in fashion. If you are looking for quality designs at affordable rates, exploring options provided by independent designers is the best option.

Fashion consultant and designers like Angelica Urbas work with everyday people, to understand their fashion needs, and recommend necessary choices. If you are wondering how to style it up, here are some simple fashion tips that can help you out. Let’s have a look -

Fashion Tips You Can Use In Your Day to Day Life

1. Understand your Body Type - It is quite crucial to understand your body type and the kind of clothing shapes, textures and colors that go with it. This will simplify a lot of your fashion and style related questions.

2. Find the flattering colors - NOt everyone looks good in every color and that is an open secret. So, you should definitely put some effort into finding colors and color combinations that suit you best.

3. Comfort is important - It is important for one to be comfortable in what they wear, in order to carry of a fashion in style. If you are trying to hard to follow a trend, but are unconfident and uncomfortable, it is not worth the effort.

4. Different sets of options - While mixing and matching formals, casuals, partywear and leisurewear might work, it may not be the right choice for you. Have several sets of topwear, bottom wear and footwear for work, parties, social occasions and dates.

5. Accessorize in style - Good thing about accessories is that it can spice up and enhance any outfit, no matter how drab it is. You don’t even have to spend a fortune on it. Online stores offer quality accessory options, at very affordable rates and heavy discounts.

6. Don’t go overboard - More often than not, it is best to not go overboard and maintain a simple style. Avoid over accessorizing as stick to simple colors and textures for your outdoor activities, and something elegant for a social occasion.

7. Experiment bravely - While you should try to be a little simple at times, don’t hesitate to experiment with your clothes and accessories. Be bold and combine styles, trends and layer with confidence. You can be the start of a new and unique trend.

These are some fashion tips can help you plan out your next outfit and become the most stylish version of yourself. It is important not to lose one’s individuality while following trends, as real confidence and style comes from within.


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