Wednesday 9 November 2016

How to dress up for Christmas Party? 3 tips from Angelica Urbas

The Party season is just few days away and this is the time, you should start planning how to dress in those days. Here are few tips from Angelica Urbas that you should know for appearing in the upcoming occasions in a new look.

Have a large clutch: Probably you are going to attend most of the parties directly from office. So, it will not be easy to experiment with the dresses. Instead you should give importance on changing your look using varieties of accessories. Clutch is one such accessory that can make your unique style statement within minutes. Just by a great large sized clutch and carry it everywhere- from office to parties.

Keep the weather into consideration: Staying stylish in parties is important, but keeping yourself comfortable in the chilly weather is even more important. While dressing up for parties, keep this factor in your mind. So, for attending parties, especially which are organized in the evening, have suitable clothes. However , there is no need to spoil the look completely. Just a long winter coat will be enough to keep yourself warm in the Winter.

Do not wear red or green: To most of us, party dresses mean only bright hues red and green only, though these colors are too predictable. This year, you should change the trend. Instead of red or green, for your partyware , choose any other color that suit you. Even the colors like black and white can also fit perfectly with the mood of party, if you team it up with right accessories.

While dressing up, shoes should be given equal importance. To look the best, it is important to choose the right shoes. If you are opting for leather shoes, do not go for the cheapest ones. Cheap leather often does not look good. If comfort is your priority, choose the items with flat heels as they look gorgeous but keeps your toes less stressed.


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