Monday 8 August 2016

4 Fashion Tips from Angelica Urbas That Every Woman Should Know

Everyone wants to create own style statement. However, sometimes looking fashionable becomes too difficult for us due to lack of knowledge on latest trends. Here, Angelica Urbas shared few ideas that you should know to stay fashionable any time.

Choose those dresses which suit you:
Choosing the right dress is crucial for getting a great look. But most of us fail to understand which type of dress will suit us the best. while selecting dresses, you should keep the shape of your body in mind. In addition to this, you should consider your personality and complexion too for selecting the right dress.

Have a ‘personal’ look:
We all want to follow the popular fashion trends. However, if you want to stay different, you can try to create a ‘personal’ look. You can use any particular type of haircut or dress as per your choice or comfort. Apart from making you fashionable, the personal look will help you to create a great impression on others too.

Stay simple:
Angelica Urbas considers that nothing can work better than a simple look. If you are too confused to choose your dress or accessories, go for the classic dress and keep your accessories to the minimum. Even if you want, you can try a ‘no-makeup’ look also. It along with keeping your look simple, will make you attractive too.

Keep yourself updated:
For staying fashionable, you should stay updated about the latest trends. Read magazines regularly or just watch what others are doing to know about these trends. Although knowing the a fashion trends is important, she suggests that you should not follow it blindly. Whenever a new trend is emerging, you should know whether it fits you. If the answer is yes, then only you can follow it.

Finally Angelica Urbas considers that proper selection of accessories is also important for staying fashionable. So, you should pay attention to these also for getting a great look.