Tuesday 13 December 2016

What do fashion students do after graduation?

A the the end of the year The Fashion Design Studio from Sydney, puts on its annual fashion show. Of all of the upcoming graduates, only 20 are hand-picked to present their final collections in front of parents, teachers, fashion students, bloggers, a selection of employers and even the media.

StudioMOR + Photographer Romauldo Nubla was honored to take shots of graduate’s runway backstage and students together with their models.

Aside from being extremely impressed by the FDS graduates’ talent, we picked up plenty of tips about getting your foot in the door right after graduation.
Without further ado, here’s what you need to know to get a job in fashion after school or what do fashion students after graduation.

More at: http://www.fashionblog.fr/2015/12/22/what-do-fashion-graduates-after-graduation/

Wednesday 9 November 2016

How to dress up for Christmas Party? 3 tips from Angelica Urbas

The Party season is just few days away and this is the time, you should start planning how to dress in those days. Here are few tips from Angelica Urbas that you should know for appearing in the upcoming occasions in a new look.

Have a large clutch: Probably you are going to attend most of the parties directly from office. So, it will not be easy to experiment with the dresses. Instead you should give importance on changing your look using varieties of accessories. Clutch is one such accessory that can make your unique style statement within minutes. Just by a great large sized clutch and carry it everywhere- from office to parties.

Keep the weather into consideration: Staying stylish in parties is important, but keeping yourself comfortable in the chilly weather is even more important. While dressing up for parties, keep this factor in your mind. So, for attending parties, especially which are organized in the evening, have suitable clothes. However , there is no need to spoil the look completely. Just a long winter coat will be enough to keep yourself warm in the Winter.

Do not wear red or green: To most of us, party dresses mean only bright hues red and green only, though these colors are too predictable. This year, you should change the trend. Instead of red or green, for your partyware , choose any other color that suit you. Even the colors like black and white can also fit perfectly with the mood of party, if you team it up with right accessories.

While dressing up, shoes should be given equal importance. To look the best, it is important to choose the right shoes. If you are opting for leather shoes, do not go for the cheapest ones. Cheap leather often does not look good. If comfort is your priority, choose the items with flat heels as they look gorgeous but keeps your toes less stressed.

Friday 28 October 2016

Know 4 tips from Angelica Urbas to stay stylish in the Winter

Every year as the temperature starts to drop, we do start to forfeit style for the sake of comfort. This year, do not repeat the same. Instead know from Angelica Urbas how to stay comfortable as well as stylish in Winter.

Go for layering: Obviously in winter, you should put maximum emphasis on keeping your body warm. Thus, in this season, do not hesitate to go layered. Use Cashmere sweaters, jackets winter coats as much as you wish. But make sure that all these blend with each other perfectly. Even, in Winter, you can team your shorts or midi up with a pair of trousers or tights. Although while doing this also, you have to give importance on using matched pairs.

Choose skinny jeans: When it comes to stay comfortable in winter, nothing can beat the skinny jeans. Apart from keeping you warm, these jeans give you an excellent opportunity of layering also. Moreover, these jeans go perfectly with wide range of dresses, starting from Cashmere sweater to silk drapes.

Fedora: Often we overlook the importance of having a hat in winter. Angelica Urbas considers that a Fedora can keep you warm and comfortable. At the same time , it can add elegance to your dress also. So, this winter include a woolen or felt Fedora into your wardrobe must-haves.

Use belts over coats: Wearing the same winter jacket for days is not at all stylish. However, you can get rid of the situation just by using belts with the jacket. Urbas states that such small modifications can bring major changes in your look.

A dress made from Faux Fur is another item that can keep you warm and stylish in winter. Wide range of such dresses are available now. Angelica Urbas suggests that if you want to upgrade your attire instantly, have a fur jacket or stole and see the magic.

Thursday 6 October 2016

Monday 8 August 2016

4 Fashion Tips from Angelica Urbas That Every Woman Should Know

Everyone wants to create own style statement. However, sometimes looking fashionable becomes too difficult for us due to lack of knowledge on latest trends. Here, Angelica Urbas shared few ideas that you should know to stay fashionable any time.

Choose those dresses which suit you:
Choosing the right dress is crucial for getting a great look. But most of us fail to understand which type of dress will suit us the best. while selecting dresses, you should keep the shape of your body in mind. In addition to this, you should consider your personality and complexion too for selecting the right dress.

Have a ‘personal’ look:
We all want to follow the popular fashion trends. However, if you want to stay different, you can try to create a ‘personal’ look. You can use any particular type of haircut or dress as per your choice or comfort. Apart from making you fashionable, the personal look will help you to create a great impression on others too.

Stay simple:
Angelica Urbas considers that nothing can work better than a simple look. If you are too confused to choose your dress or accessories, go for the classic dress and keep your accessories to the minimum. Even if you want, you can try a ‘no-makeup’ look also. It along with keeping your look simple, will make you attractive too.

Keep yourself updated:
For staying fashionable, you should stay updated about the latest trends. Read magazines regularly or just watch what others are doing to know about these trends. Although knowing the a fashion trends is important, she suggests that you should not follow it blindly. Whenever a new trend is emerging, you should know whether it fits you. If the answer is yes, then only you can follow it.

Finally Angelica Urbas considers that proper selection of accessories is also important for staying fashionable. So, you should pay attention to these also for getting a great look.

Tuesday 17 May 2016

How to make the fashion dress?

Fashion design is the art of application ofdesign and aesthetics or natural beauty toclothing and accessories. Fashion design is influenced by cultural and social attitudes, and has varied over time and place.

Fashion designing is one of the creative activities that we do. As a professional fashionAngelica Urbas is going to present a video on how to make the fashion dress. I was looking for a perfect video that can help you in designing a dress. Finally I have got a video for you. This video really impressive on designing the fashion dress.